Wednesday, October 18, 2006

amazing. i wish i was there. they'll never come to australia though . i'm referring to the one and only daft punk. they have been duly praised (many times now) for their performance at california's annual coachella music festival 2006, and with good reason - it was a true spectical. just check out the video at google videos

or better yet download the (surprisingly good quality) audio version someone recorded. it's basically a live mash of all their best tunes from all 3 of their artist albums. the tracks are all split up and encoded nicely:

01. robot rock/oh yeah
02. technologic/voyager
03. television rules the nation/crescendolls
04. steam machine
05. around the world/harder, better, faster, stronger
06. too long
07. face to face
08. night vision (interlude)
09. one more time/aerodynamic
10. the brainwasher/rollin' & scratchin'
11. alive/the primetime of your life
12. da funk
13. human after all/superheroes

daft punk live at coachella festival 2006 - it rocks like a short-circuiting, break-dancing funkster android - yeah!!!!!!

bonus track: daft punk - voyager (dominique tortis wildstyle edit) zshare 9mb
an awesome little glitch-funked remix of 'voyager' from their album 'discovery' - turns a cruisy track into a frantic track!


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Blogger Buzt7 said...

Daft punk is the devil!
their music promotes drug use and rape, not to mention pre marital fornication.
Accept god into your hearts and cast this heathen dance music group aside. Only then will you be allowed entry into the kingdom of heaven

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