Monday, August 31, 2009

SUP!!!! its a little hip-hop-centric this time round. but there are still some gems for all you haters (i'm looking in your direction nicholas).

la roux - i'm not your toy (datA remix)

ok, ok, la roux are not the greatest - all the hype surrounding them is a little premature to say the least. but this is a great example of a brilliant producer (datA) polishing a turd and making something really cool. he has made it a funky, french pop song. his artist album 'skywriter' (2009) was largely overlooked and for no good reason either. check it out.

zoot woman - grey day

stuart price - what more can i say? god-like producer and the man behind the aliases:

- the think white duke
- man and the guitar
- jacques lu cont
- paper faces
- pour homme


the keyboardist/producer of fantastic new-wave group zoot woman. this song has a very 90s sort of feel, but dont let that put you off. i mean that in the best possible way :)

mr oizo - cut dick

i'm going to continue plugging this crazy frenchman, even if he did claim that this

was crap (wtf?). he certainly lives in his own arse, but he is french and makes great tunes, so all is forgiven. sample heavy and very retro sounding house musics. woooo!!!

prefuse 73 - when irony wears thin

this is a track that made me say "holy shit!" when i first heard it. computer-game inspired abstract hip-hop with a fractured beat that is just out of this world.

dj shadow - organ donor

i don't know anyone who doesn't like this track. its a straight-up classic. has one of the best beats EVER. but the organ is the real star. anyone who hates on hip-hop needs to see this guy live and in action. and possible needs to get some ears.

tiefshwarch - ghosttrack (blackstrobe mix)

TUUUUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's like kraftwerk went and hung out with ian curtis hahaha.

datA - morphosis

this excellent piece of house music expands on daft punk's 'aerodynamic' and takes it to another level. well worth a listen even for those not into electronic music.

gully platoon - future

oz hip-hop done very very well.

adam f feat. m.o.p. - stand clear

for those that like their hip-hop loud and energetic. brooklyn rappers m.o.p. really own this one. and the beat is just siiiick - provided by brit adam f, who is usually known for making drum & bass.

jesse frederick - everwhere you look you all should bow down to this genius.


Anonymous miles said...

there's a face, of somebody who needs you!

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Nick said...

*bows to jesse frederick's genius*

3:25 PM  

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