Wednesday, October 18, 2006

some great tunes doing the rounds at the moment. if you like the tunes then buy the cds. simple.

jay-z - show me what you got (6mb zshare) rockafella records
apparently he didn't retire (shock!) not that you'd notice - he's done at least 3 tracks with beyonce in the past 2 years, not to mention missy collabs etc.. anyway this is his new single leaked early (by accident as well i'm sure def jam). samples 'shaft in africa' theme i think.

blackstrobe - the abwehr disco (9mb zshare)
this is fairly old but it's soo good to dance to. grinding, dark electro. nice

dj krush feat. mos def - shinjiro (krush's harsh mix) zshare
dark as hell hiphop. mr def was highly amusing when i saw his show a few months back. very much the showman.

the knife - we share our mother's health (ratatat mix)

the knife are fantastic - like the bastard child of bjork and depeche mode. get 'silent shout' lp if you havent already. don't know much about ratatat except they remix alot of hiphop artists. they aren't hiphop tho really.. anyway this mix is really beautiful with nice organs, twitchy drums and some faux-guitar. the trentemoller mix of this is also brilliant, but more for the dancefloor.

kelis - bossy (sebastiAn mix) 4mb zshare edbanger records
this should have been the single version rather than the limp piece of crap that went to radio. kelis was better when pharrell was at the helm. this mix is on the australian cds - funkified and frenchified at the same time. lovely.

badly drawn boy - something to talk about (four-tet mix)
this is serously fucken good. a psychadelic pop reconstruction of an already great song. get it. check out four-tet's remix album its good.

moby - beautiful (benny benassi mix)
the moby remix is really cool. i think moby's singing is really underated - he has a real nice new-wave thing going on. moby's 'hotel' minisite

nelly furtado feat. timbaland - promiscuous [phalanxx's tantrum mix]
shameless... phalanxx online


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