Monday, March 24, 2008

what's in a name?

years ago, i used to make mashups/bastard pop. these tunes usually involved placing the vocals of one song (say, britney spears) over the backing track of another (say, AC/DC), creating a genre-bending bit of fun. this could completely change the context of a song or vocal and i see it as way to re-appropriate popular music and culture.

this blog was named after my favourite example of bastard pop: safari love by loo and placido, a pair of french producers. this track took the concept to a new level, with many parts of different songs sampled, and the result is beautiful.
the samples used include:

the beatles - because
aretha franklin - who's zoomin' who? (acapella)
bob dylan - (i'm not sure of the track)
elton john - i want love
the pixies - where is my mind? (a re-sung element by one of the producers)
suzanne vega - tom's diner (acapella)

loo & placido - safari love (zshare)

some of my old mashups can be found here. some are good, some are just ok.

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Blogger The Diarist said...

The Bob Dylan song is "Lay Lady Lay" (intro played at the top of the tune).

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, someone still reads this blog? lol. thanks for the song id btw

12:13 PM  

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