Friday, December 11, 2009

beaumont's top 20 tunes of 2009!!

guns n' bombs - riddle of steel

a nasty, epic, and totally banging tune. gets my blood pumping!

mayer hawthorne - your easy lovin' ain't pleasin

feel good and motown-esqe. wonderful song.

white lies - death (burns remix)

if only for the awesome 'pumping static' compression effect.

zombie nation - seas of grease

madness. glitchy, stuttering brass over what sounds like a new orleans street party put through several blenders. amazing.

the twelves - night vision (daft punk cover)

very tasteful disco remix of the classic daft punk tune.

jay-z feat. alicia keys - empire state of mind

this one snuck up on me and i grew to like it a lot.

passion pit - moths wings

epic john hughes end credit music. makes me a little teary every time.

the golden filter - solid gold

very unique and dreamy. they never topped this one in my opinion.

air - sing sang sung (black moth super rainbow remix)

beautiful analogue psych-hiphop lunacy. the bass in this is the perfect tone.

deadmau5 - ghosts & stuff (original dub version)

remember that haunted house level...

tronik youth - laugh cry live die (grum remix)

like a jagged re-imagining of 'phantom part 2' except with robot voices and rapid fire bursts of chip noise. listened to this approx 20 times in a row the first night i heard it.

metronomy - thing for me (breakbot remix)

breakbot has done a lot of good in this world, but this barry white-esqe slow-jam is perhaps the cutest remixed love song released this year.

tiga - what you need (proxy remix)

simple yet astoundingly powerful. that bass is just badass to the max. like shredding a computer.

dragonette - pick up the phone (richard x remix)

mr x has always been solid but it seems he was born to remix this song. perfect in every way.

danger - 00:01

where are you danger? come back? please? i miss you?

friendly fires feat. au revoir simone - paris (aeroplane remix)

utterly sublime down-tempo disco remix of popular song part 1

phoenix - lizstomania (classixx remix)

utterly sublime down-tempo disco remix of popular song part 2: the reckoning

royksopp - the girl and the robot

another stunning pairing. robyn's vocal lifts royksopp's already-genius production into the stratosphere. the entire remix package is first class too, which is pretty rare these days.

grum - heartbeats (extended mix)

a shimmering, neon pink assault of emotion and nostalgia. this floors me. the remix package is amazing too, especially the worship remix.

bag raiders - shootings star (kris menace remix)

the remixes took forever to appear but the wait was worth it. this tune captures everything i like about house music and electrifies it.

honourable mentions:

lady gaga - bad romance (grum remix)

shazam - pool party 2009

punx soundcheck - cassette (neo toyko remix)

boys noize - starter

hey champ - cold dust girl (only children remix)

vega - no reasons

ladyhawke - paris is burning (peaches remix)

the hungry kids of hungary - old money

fever ray - triangle walks (rex the dog remix)

jay-z feat. drake - off that


Blogger Nick said...

whats with all the youtube links? burn or upload me the list!

1:07 PM  
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Blogger beaumont said...

wow, that comment seems i little out of left field! what about my post made you think this? im very curious, so please dont think im being rude.

2:39 PM  
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