Wednesday, November 08, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.1

some great music i'm listening to round the clock. support the artists and buy (ie. exchange money for in a shop) if you like what you hear.

mstrkrft - easy love
these guys are the current hype-monkeys of the dance world. they are the side project of one of the guys from (the now defunct) death from above 1979 (not to be confused with DFA/james murphy, who would have to be the most overrated/boring music in history - yet the people continue raving..). truth is, i never really felt them until i heard this little gem. very french-sounding vocoder dance pop - with glorious synths straight outta van-halen's jump. nice.
(from their album 'the looks')

para one - dudun dun (boys noize remix)
i thought the mstrkrft remix of this was a bit naff, but this is fantastic. he hasn't changed that much - made it more of an electro-grinder with a much longer build. works a treat. check out the boys noize remix of depeche mode's 'personal jesus' too - it's quite decent.
(original version on his 'epiphanie' LP)

justin timberlake - my love (album version)
i've heard the remixes (paul jackson= good, dfa = shit, steve angelo = meh..) but i keep coming back to this timbaland-produced masterpiece. simple, brilliant 80's synths and clicky vocal percussion + weird giggling noises. timbaland is apparently co-producing bjork's new record - let's just hope she doesn't try to rap (i'm looking in your direction madonna). see, commercial pop isn't all shite.
(from his 'future sexy/love sounds' LP)

midnight juggernauts - shadows
an australian group, midnight juggernauts make new-wave indie dance similar to that of the presets. this is a really great tune, highly recommended.
(from their 'secrets of the universe EP)

blackstrobe - shining bright star (phones industrial version radio edit)
a new direction for the french electro duo, this track is kind of like early nine inch nails or curve. really nice new-wave-ish vocals and pounding synths. apparently their new album is being recorded and produced by alan moulder so it could be one to watch. this is a remix by 'phones', a pseudonym of producer paul epsworth who did that awesome disco remix of 'banquet' by the bloc party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cmon Andy...Madonna is clearly a Natural Born Rapper. Her thoughts on the Iraq war need to be expressed through rap, as they are complex and brave, just like her guitar-playing. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ahahhahahah ahahhaha hhaha hah aahahahahhah

'My Love' is the best thing on the album i think. Definately one of my favourite JT songs along with Rock Your Body and Signs with Snoop & Pharell. I would love to do my own house mix as the only one I've heard by NY house trooper Terry Hunter was average:

As for 'sexy back'...huh? wtf? This is ok but has it's limits as it isn't hugely innovative or interesting. i like it but it needs something else to be really hot.

I gotta get my hands on the acapella for 'Promiscuous'! Most of Nelly's album I agree is not bad at all...of course there are a couple of duds...but tracks like Glow and Do It are perfect pop music and i'm even digging the latin extravaganza near the end, 'Somebody To Love', shades of Ricky Martin! or Enrique Inglesius or someone equally and shamelessly Latin-pop. But timbaland makes almost all of the tracks pretty funky.

I agree, 'Shadows' is hard to resist with it's old-skool french house bassline. MJ are headlining Landspeed's 12th birthday party at ANU soon...


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