Wednesday, November 15, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.2

teenage badgirl - tales from the pigs
these guys are a current favourite of mine. somewhere between daft punk and sebastiAn, they create robotic funk with a very house-y vibe. lots of vocoders. [edit] the first 10 secs of this track remind me very much of the intro to 'how will i know' by whitney houston (ha haha!) [/edit] their track 'hands of a stranger' is apparently quite popular with all the big djs atm, and their remix of the scissor sisters' 'i don't feel like dancing' is absolutely spectacular. one to watch. teenage badgirl myspace

ciara - goodies (richard-x remix feat. m.i.a.)
richard-x produced a few of the tracks on m.i.a.'s album 'arular', and while he doesn't exactly push the envelope here, it's an enjoyable listen nonetheless.

annie - heartbeat (mstrkrft mix)
'heartbeat' was one of the best singles of last year imho. pure pop bliss. this is a french-house version which i like very much. i think i'm starting to come around on mstrkfrt. the royksopp mix is also fantastic. as is the alan braxe version.

drumattic twins - feelin' kinda strange (bass-kleph & nick thayer mix)
an oldie but a goodie, the first time i heard the original it blew my head off. the vocal is just awesome - very jackson 5-esque. this version is much chunkier and electronic but it retains the funk of the original. i'd like to hear a house mix of this, surely there's one out there.

mylo - paris 400 (etienne de crecy mix)
taken from the new freeform five mix cd 'bisous bisous' (which is fucking brilliant), this mix breathes new life into this old mylo tune in a big way. i NEED an unmixed copy of this. maybe there is a new remix 12" coming out since the sebastiAn mix of this came out not too long ago. etienne de crecy & superdiscount have made some quality remixes lately - get their mixes of 'lift me up' by moby, & 'an honest mistake' by the bravery.


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