Monday, November 20, 2006

the big day out 2007

ok now i'm pissed off. ken west & vivian lees (promoters), you have officially made my list.
tell me, what is the point of announcing half the lineup to a festival 3 MONTHS AFTER it has sold out? huh?
oh, i'm sorry - we can enter a 'ticket ballot' for left over tickets, hell we could also rummage through the garbage, hunting for scraps like the dogs we are.

don't give these opportunistic swine any more of your hard-earned money for the following reasons:

- over priced tickets
- no full lineup available before all the tix are sold out
- sweaty meatheads who will bash anyone who isn't one
- attention-seeking posers (yeah!, lets wear high heels to a rock concert..)
- no shade in 40 degree heat
- nightmarish public transport to and from the venue
- sound engineering by the work experience boy (is that an echo i hear?)

the festival itself seems to pride itself on being filled with borish louts so indifferent about the available entertainment that it ceases to be a music show, rather becoming an extended frat party.
quality acts like tool, peaches, justice, & diplo are totally lost on a crowd of bottom-feeding drunks & butt-licking posers. none of these people give a fuck about the music. there are enough rsl clubs and modular parties to accomodate you all. cunts.
this sounds like sour grapes, and it fucking well is. music festivals are shite, but they often also boast excellent lineups of bands, and this is why i'm torn...

rant over.


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