Tuesday, November 21, 2006

gwen meets some french lads..

heard gwen stefani's new tune? well you're lucky 'cause it's shite. listen to this mash-up i made instead.

bling city (gwen stefani vs alan braxe & fred falke)

and remember - yodelling will never be cool.

kelis feat. cee-lo - lil' star

while i'm in r&b mode, the new kelis single is going to be 'lil star' featuring cee-lo. i gave it a listen, not expecting much and it didnt give me much. or anything. it's shit. if i wanted to hear adult contemporary, easy listening bollocks like this, i'd join a christian youth group.
go get the linus loves mix. he tears the arse out of it and starts again with his 80's retro stylings. linus actually manages to temporarily mask the banal lyrics with rubbery synths and compliments the (superb) tonal quality of cee-lo's voice with a vocoder. so congratulations are in order for successfully polishing a right turd of a record. that's meant to be a compliment... get the remix over at palms out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to your Soul, buddy?! Like most of Kelis's new album, I LOVE Lil Star and have been digging it for a month now, didn't know it was gonna be the new single, especially as it is nestled snugly right at the end of the album (which has a whopping 17 tracks!). I had not even thought it sounded like contemporary, easy listening christian music (which i agree sounds truly horrifying). But I can kind of see your point, it is definatly more 'kum-ba-yah' that 'milkshake'. If anything though, it made me think of Stevie Wonder (70's, NOT 80s!) and oldschool, good times, funk etc. There's nothing wrong with a little easygoing, laidback r'n'b, friends!

Hmmm - I think either I'm getting old and less discerning, or Andrew has been listening to too much electro house and has developed a palatte that can only taste glitchy, evil synth music. :) come into the light with jesus and kelis and be free, children.

I think it is actually really good authentic-sounding 70s style soul - much better than anything by Outkast - but not nearly as good as Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Andrew you MUST check these guys out if you haven't already, they are the best modern funk and soul group - it's hard to believe the music is not 20 years old as it just has THAT SOUND and feel that is so hard to replicate. But apparently they are totally modern and she was on Spicks and Specks the other night when they toured Aus. This is not some limp soulless funk group as there are plenty of those around - these guys are the real thing. I love Ms Sharon Jones!

Now...back to timberlake remix madness, I hear you have been bagging out the Paul Oakenfold remix of 'My Love'. Yes, it's true I did enter the world of dance music via the late-90s trance of Gatecrasher and Cream and perhaps still have a soft spot for anthemic, cheesy German-Brit commercial trance synths, perhaps best personified by the Orange Theme (oh dear, did I just really write that?). But I'm sorry, it just rocks. The beat is so fat and sexy and the synths may be cheesy but they are perfect! I did check out the Linus Loves remix - which I thought was a leetle boring (as it completely removes the synthline - which is the best thing in the original!) but once I pumped up the volume, the sound got funkier and i got into it. Would be hot on great soundsystem in da club. It kinda swings.

But my money is still on the Paul Oakenfold mix. OK, maybe I AM getting old, because last time I checked, I hated Paul Oakenfold :)

Now, Andy, if you think my music taste has become questionable, this will seal the deal...I have just downloaded some Billie Piper.

'Ah ah aha hhaha haha hah aha ha hhah ah, haaaaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa ahahahaha ah ha' I hear you say.

But I am in love with her character on Doctor Who and didnt' even realise she was a British teen trashy pop star until Matt told me.

But, holy fuck. This music is truly shithouse. Poor Billie - she makes the Backstreet Boys sound like the Chemical Brothers.

I still love you though Billie.

I did hear Gwen's new song, was listening to it quietly in the office so noone else would hear, but as soon as the yodelling started, i had to pull the plug. Jesus Christ, they already think I am weird at work. Thanks Gwen.

Will have to check out the Linus loves remis of lil star. isn't this the guy who is 'Solitaire'!?!

Re: your BDO bagging, I am with you on that one. These guys suck. I fucking hate that bitch Melodie Mars or whoever the fuck she is on the BDO site, which is truly, truly shit.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for the V Festival lineup. R. Branson better deliver us something special or we will just think he is truly retarded, well, i will anyway.

Amon Tobin is coming to Aus, gonna check him out at Toast on (think it's 16 Dec?) should be a good night.

Also DJ Krush is only $25 at ANU next Saturday, I hear he is $45 in Sydney. Unfortunatley I have to go to a Cowboys and Angels party (not the shop, the theme) and just can't decide if I am a cowboy or an angel.

Right..the weekend is one hour away and I am so ready....chat later....keep on bloggin

3:59 PM  
Blogger andy_phalanxx said...

i'll see you at amon tobin for sure. cant believe he's playing at toast! he is a fucking god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:56 PM  

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