Sunday, November 26, 2006

mylo - paris four hundred (the paris remixes) EP

as i was hoping, some new mylo remixes are about to be released on sisterphunk records. all the remixers are from france (hence the title) and the quality is pretty damn good too. the tracklist is:

01. paris four hundred (mylo radio edit)
02. paris four hundred (album version)
03. paris four hundred (etienne de crecy mix)
04. paris four hundred (sebastiAn mix)
05. paris four hundred (aswefall mix)

since the
sebastiAn & etienne de crecy mixes have already been released/leaked the only new one is the aswefall mix, which sounds like a live band doing a new-wave cover of the track. its not bad but nothing can touch the edc mix for my money.

according to it's release date is 18.12.06 (on cd) and i'm assuming topplers music
will stock it although i'm not too sure at this point
. i've included the sebastiAn mix here and you can listen to the other mixes on the sister phunk myspace page.


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