Friday, November 24, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.4

praise the 303! blessed are the cheesemakers!

beck - fax machine anthem (dizzee rascal mix)
he may be a scientologist, but beck hansen has soul. this is a bit of a curiosity, beck's drawled rapping coupled with british garage beats.

tepr - coke and cream

i'm loving all this swingy electro that's around at the moment. justice's remix of soulwax's 'ny excuse', vitalic's remix of bjork's 'who is it?' are another couple of good examples. reminds of of the time me and a friend swing-danced to some weird psy-trance inspired shit at a festival last year. the twist is back my friends. so this tune could be called a 'cheese twist' or 'twist du fromage'.

digitalism - the jupiter room (martian assault edit)
more big-room antics from belgium duo digitalism. has a really nice funk to it. dirty and hard. like fucking a hole in the ground.

john starlight - john's addiction
great track from the master of menacing electro. sounds like a mess at the start but then builds into a apocalyptic robo-spasm! he works under the
zombie nation moniker too and the recent album 'black toys' is fantastic.

jamelia - something about you (linus loves mix radio edit)
cheery radio pop & quite catchy too. jamelia's 2004 track 'thankyou' was a fav of mine. hated superstar tho.. mr oizo also remixed this track and it's fucking great although almost unrecognisable.

johnny cash - hurt
his cover of the nine inch nails classic is brutally emotive. he injects every line with with a vulnerability that most artists couldn't muster up if their lives depended on it. and the stripped back production tops it all off perfectly.

alter-ego - vincent van dance
i really only included this because the title cracks me up. very slickly produced chunky electro. from their 2004 album '

mekon - yes yes y'all (duke dumont mix)
massive masSIVE MASSIVE BREAKS!!!!!!!!!!! if this doesn't get you going then you're probably dead. dead inside anyway.


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