Wednesday, November 29, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.5

some curiosities for ya ears.
btw, the above photos are of 'mega-producer' scott storch. he is responsible for beats on albums by christina aguilera and paris hilton among others. here's a tip scotty: being rich and successful doesn't give you 'gangsta cred'. especially when you look this lame. you produced paris hilton's album for fuck's sake! if this was ironic it would be kinda funny. what a peasant.

cutting crew - i just died in your arms tonight (drop the lime remix) the new tigerbeat6 wonderkid re-works this classic 80s tune, turning it into some kind of grime/dub-step thing. quite good. tigerbeat6 website

AC/PC - hack in black a squelchy electro cover of back in black. mad decent :)
team9 has made an remix EP of 3 AC/DC tunes. check them out

rex the dog - maximize
one of the best electro-house tracks i've ever heard. rex the dog is one of the alter egos of jake williams, probably best known for his work under the JX moniker: ultra-cheesy early 90s dance anthems such as 'son of a gun' and 'you belong to me'. as rex the dog he almost exclusively uses the 1974 Korg 700S, a machine made famous by groups such as depeche mode, and has remixed acts like mylo, the knife, soulwax, the prodigy, and royksopp. its all max fromage, but very very good.
rex the

alter-ego - raw

i know i've been going on about alter-ego's album 'transphormer' but it really is a work of art. this track is just so fucking bangin' it defies belief.


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