Sunday, April 27, 2008

kylie minogue - 2 hearts (beaumont's reprise) (zshare)

this is turning into a kylie blog lol *groan*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hit the braxe! (sorry)

i recently heard an interview with the charming fred falke, former partner in crime to the mighty alan braxe. i say former because mr. falke stated in the interview that the two are no longer working together (noooooo!!). falke said they were separating because they planned to go in different directions musically, which i find a little hard to believe considering their respective solo works have always been remarkably similar (not that it's a bad thing). i smell a falling out, heh.

anyway, they teamed up earlier this year to deliver a second, noticably different remix or kelis's track bossy. their first attempt at remixing this was a little flat imho, but this is much better. keeps the vocal intact and pushes all the right filter-disco + funk buttons.

kelis - bossy (alan braxe & fred falke 2008 remix) (zshare)

this next track is nothing short of gorgeous. nu-school french wonder-kid danger! does his usual thing to a track by fellow frenchie sebastian tellier and the result is a fucking stunner. glorious eighties synth stabs and some of the nicest chord progressions around. would kill a dancefloor fo shiz.

sebastian tellier - divine (danger! remix) (zshare)

i posted the danger! remix of that new-ish estelle track about a month ago, and remarked that it would sound waaaay better without the poxy vocal. my dreams have come true. woot!

estelle feat. kanye west - american boy (danger! instrumental) (zshare)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

so far away, but always in my heart

these songs seem appropriate.
i am going to miss you terribly liv. love you.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

fuck you symantec!

am i the only one? or is the rest of the world sick and fucking tired of norton anti-virus/internet security? most pcs come with this insidious little piece of software pre-installed, so often we have no choice but to put up with its crap. listen up symantec and listen good:

1. making software that 'decides' how someone's computer should be running is not cool. if i don't want a fucking virus scan on MY pc, then I should have the choice.

2. making software that is so system-intensive that it takes 10 minutes to begin after a restart, and halts EVERYTHING else in the meantime, makes me want to fire-bomb your offices (i wouldnt, but i'm a reasonable person)

3. programs that appear in the task-bar and cannot be removed without messing around in the registery is counter-intuative to the average pc user. even simply uninstalling the bloody thing is a ridiculous nightmare.

4. the above issue makes your software no better than spyware (and spyware is the bane of every computer user's existance). go to hell.

we should all band together and stop this bullshit. obviously every pc user needs to scan for viruses and spyware/malware - so here are some great alternatives:

AVG antivirus - free and easy to use anti-virus software
Ad-Aware - excellent free spyware removal

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