Wednesday, February 14, 2007

phalanxx's phones no.6

ok i'm back, jogged into action by a certain nagging friend (you know who you are). been very distracted by my own musical ventures of late and i'm sure i'll assault you all with them soon. it's like distorted robot sex. or the nearest equivalent.

just found out that kavinsky & sebastiAn are playing in sydney at the end of the month! this makes me a very happy camper (especially after missing out on justice). live in sydney, miss this and you're surely a peasant.

here are some more tunes rocking my world:

the avalanches - ray of zdarlight
mashing digitalism's zdarlight with a wham's ray of sunshine, the avalanches show us that they havent lost their touch quite yet. beautiful housey goodness. and wham are fucking fantastic (what happened georgie?)

the editors - camera (sebastiAn remix)
stunning. starts out all glitched up and harsh, but then suddenly becomes blissful, stuttered french house. cannot wait to see him live.

phil collins - easy lover
not long ago i embarked on a month-long phil collins kick. i'm not sure of the motivation behind this but it doesn't really matter because the eighties didn't get much better than phil. over-blown production, and more hooks than a hellraiser film.

krazy baldhead - bill's break
another tune from the ed banger crew who i'm fast becoming some kind groupie for (me and the rest of the planet). imagine jazz mixed with stuttery gallic funk and you're on the right track :)

nirvana - smells like teen spirit (patrick alavi rerox)
bang, bang, bang, bang, bleep, bang, buuuuurrrrrrr, bang, bang, zzzzzzzip!!!!

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