Tuesday, October 31, 2006


the avalanches made quite a splash in 2003 with the release of their splendid 'since i left you' LP. then they jus disapeared off the planet, save for the occassional dj show or remix for other artists. if you can catch them live, they play party-style sets with lots of house and 80's funk - all blended together seamlessly with a real sense of fun above all.

before they released 'since i left you', the boys (still including dexter at the time) leaked an underground mixtape which bears many similarities to the album proper, but including many recognisable samples which they (presumably) couldn't license legally. running in at 45 mins, 'gimix' is by far their best dj mix imho, and it causes me to grin like a bastard everytime i hear it. the sample list is as follows:

01. Since I Left You / The Avalanches
02. Holiday / Madonna
03. Like A Rolling Stone / Bob Dylan
04. Stay Another Season / The Avalanches
05. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time / The Avalanches
06. A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday / De La Soul
07. Rapp Dirty / Blowfly
08. Baby Got Yo Money / Ol' Dirty Bastard
09. Running Away / Roy Ayers
10. Stool Pigeon / Kid Creole & The Coconuts
11. Close To You / The Avalanches
12. Crosstown Traffic / Jimi Hendrix
13. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Cyndi Lauper
14. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / The Smiths
15. Turbo / Thomas Bangalter
16. The Kitty Lounge / Thee Madcatt Courtship
17. Land Down Under / Men At Work
18. Electricity / The Avalanches
19. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) / De La Soul
20. Electric Relaxation / A Tribe Called Quest
21. Oh Yeah / Daft Punk
22. Sandwiches / Detroit Grand Pubahs
23. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) / Hall & Oates
24. Fatboy Slim Is Fucking In Heaven / Fatboy Slim
25. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / The Beatles
26. Jayou / Jurassic 5

27. Groove Is In The Heart / Dee-Lite
28. Dance Electric Boogie / West Street Mob
29. Real Motherfuckin' Music / Gonzalez
30. Little Journey / The Avalanches
31. Diners Only / The Avalanches

32. Billie Jean / Michael Jackson
33. The Climax / Paperclip People
34. Ye Ye De Smell / Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker
35. Got My Mind Made Up / Instant Funk
36. Livin' Thing / Electric Light Orchestra
37. Mickey Mouse Club Theme / Mickey Mouse Club
38. Hey Mr. DJ / Zhane
39. Looking Up To You / Michael Wycoff
40. Together We Are Beautiful / Fern Kinney
41. Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life / The Avalanches
42. Dreams / Fleetwood Mac

the avalanches - 'gimix' mixtape (66mb zshare)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


this is a great mash i picked up while cruising the forums at get your bootleg on
there are lots of dodgy mashups around but the ones that are this good really stand out. although this combination has been done before, it hasn't been done with this much finesse. ultra-cheesy, but it's whitney houston mixed with cindy lauper so what do you expect? :)
dj earlybird - girls just wanna dance with somebody (zshare 4mb)
cindy lauper - girls just wanna have fun + whitney houton - i wanna dance with somebody (acapella)
cheers to dj earlybird for making me smile. check out his other mashups at his multiply site.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

some great tunes doing the rounds at the moment. if you like the tunes then buy the cds. simple.

jay-z - show me what you got (6mb zshare) rockafella records
apparently he didn't retire (shock!) not that you'd notice - he's done at least 3 tracks with beyonce in the past 2 years, not to mention missy collabs etc.. anyway this is his new single leaked early (by accident as well i'm sure def jam). samples 'shaft in africa' theme i think.

blackstrobe - the abwehr disco (9mb zshare) blackstrobe.com
this is fairly old but it's soo good to dance to. grinding, dark electro. nice

dj krush feat. mos def - shinjiro (krush's harsh mix) zshare amazon.com
dark as hell hiphop. mr def was highly amusing when i saw his show a few months back. very much the showman.

the knife - we share our mother's health (ratatat mix)

the knife are fantastic - like the bastard child of bjork and depeche mode. get 'silent shout' lp if you havent already. don't know much about ratatat except they remix alot of hiphop artists. they aren't hiphop tho really.. anyway this mix is really beautiful with nice organs, twitchy drums and some faux-guitar. the trentemoller mix of this is also brilliant, but more for the dancefloor.

kelis - bossy (sebastiAn mix) 4mb zshare edbanger records
this should have been the single version rather than the limp piece of crap that went to radio. kelis was better when pharrell was at the helm. this mix is on the australian cds - funkified and frenchified at the same time. lovely.

badly drawn boy - something to talk about (four-tet mix)
this is serously fucken good. a psychadelic pop reconstruction of an already great song. get it. check out four-tet's remix album its good.

moby - beautiful (benny benassi mix)
the moby remix is really cool. i think moby's singing is really underated - he has a real nice new-wave thing going on. moby's 'hotel' minisite

nelly furtado feat. timbaland - promiscuous [phalanxx's tantrum mix]
shameless... phalanxx online
amazing. i wish i was there. they'll never come to australia though . i'm referring to the one and only daft punk. they have been duly praised (many times now) for their performance at california's annual coachella music festival 2006, and with good reason - it was a true spectical. just check out the video at google videos

or better yet download the (surprisingly good quality) audio version someone recorded. it's basically a live mash of all their best tunes from all 3 of their artist albums. the tracks are all split up and encoded nicely:

01. robot rock/oh yeah
02. technologic/voyager
03. television rules the nation/crescendolls
04. steam machine
05. around the world/harder, better, faster, stronger
06. too long
07. face to face
08. night vision (interlude)
09. one more time/aerodynamic
10. the brainwasher/rollin' & scratchin'
11. alive/the primetime of your life
12. da funk
13. human after all/superheroes

daft punk live at coachella festival 2006 - it rocks like a short-circuiting, break-dancing funkster android - yeah!!!!!!

bonus track: daft punk - voyager (dominique tortis wildstyle edit) zshare 9mb
an awesome little glitch-funked remix of 'voyager' from their album 'discovery' - turns a cruisy track into a frantic track!

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