Wednesday, November 29, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.5

some curiosities for ya ears.
btw, the above photos are of 'mega-producer' scott storch. he is responsible for beats on albums by christina aguilera and paris hilton among others. here's a tip scotty: being rich and successful doesn't give you 'gangsta cred'. especially when you look this lame. you produced paris hilton's album for fuck's sake! if this was ironic it would be kinda funny. what a peasant.

cutting crew - i just died in your arms tonight (drop the lime remix) the new tigerbeat6 wonderkid re-works this classic 80s tune, turning it into some kind of grime/dub-step thing. quite good. tigerbeat6 website

AC/PC - hack in black a squelchy electro cover of back in black. mad decent :)
team9 has made an remix EP of 3 AC/DC tunes. check them out

rex the dog - maximize
one of the best electro-house tracks i've ever heard. rex the dog is one of the alter egos of jake williams, probably best known for his work under the JX moniker: ultra-cheesy early 90s dance anthems such as 'son of a gun' and 'you belong to me'. as rex the dog he almost exclusively uses the 1974 Korg 700S, a machine made famous by groups such as depeche mode, and has remixed acts like mylo, the knife, soulwax, the prodigy, and royksopp. its all max fromage, but very very good.
rex the

alter-ego - raw

i know i've been going on about alter-ego's album 'transphormer' but it really is a work of art. this track is just so fucking bangin' it defies belief.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

mylo - paris four hundred (the paris remixes) EP

as i was hoping, some new mylo remixes are about to be released on sisterphunk records. all the remixers are from france (hence the title) and the quality is pretty damn good too. the tracklist is:

01. paris four hundred (mylo radio edit)
02. paris four hundred (album version)
03. paris four hundred (etienne de crecy mix)
04. paris four hundred (sebastiAn mix)
05. paris four hundred (aswefall mix)

since the
sebastiAn & etienne de crecy mixes have already been released/leaked the only new one is the aswefall mix, which sounds like a live band doing a new-wave cover of the track. its not bad but nothing can touch the edc mix for my money.

according to it's release date is 18.12.06 (on cd) and i'm assuming topplers music
will stock it although i'm not too sure at this point
. i've included the sebastiAn mix here and you can listen to the other mixes on the sister phunk myspace page.

Friday, November 24, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.4

praise the 303! blessed are the cheesemakers!

beck - fax machine anthem (dizzee rascal mix)
he may be a scientologist, but beck hansen has soul. this is a bit of a curiosity, beck's drawled rapping coupled with british garage beats.

tepr - coke and cream

i'm loving all this swingy electro that's around at the moment. justice's remix of soulwax's 'ny excuse', vitalic's remix of bjork's 'who is it?' are another couple of good examples. reminds of of the time me and a friend swing-danced to some weird psy-trance inspired shit at a festival last year. the twist is back my friends. so this tune could be called a 'cheese twist' or 'twist du fromage'.

digitalism - the jupiter room (martian assault edit)
more big-room antics from belgium duo digitalism. has a really nice funk to it. dirty and hard. like fucking a hole in the ground.

john starlight - john's addiction
great track from the master of menacing electro. sounds like a mess at the start but then builds into a apocalyptic robo-spasm! he works under the
zombie nation moniker too and the recent album 'black toys' is fantastic.

jamelia - something about you (linus loves mix radio edit)
cheery radio pop & quite catchy too. jamelia's 2004 track 'thankyou' was a fav of mine. hated superstar tho.. mr oizo also remixed this track and it's fucking great although almost unrecognisable.

johnny cash - hurt
his cover of the nine inch nails classic is brutally emotive. he injects every line with with a vulnerability that most artists couldn't muster up if their lives depended on it. and the stripped back production tops it all off perfectly.

alter-ego - vincent van dance
i really only included this because the title cracks me up. very slickly produced chunky electro. from their 2004 album '

mekon - yes yes y'all (duke dumont mix)
massive masSIVE MASSIVE BREAKS!!!!!!!!!!! if this doesn't get you going then you're probably dead. dead inside anyway.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

gwen meets some french lads..

heard gwen stefani's new tune? well you're lucky 'cause it's shite. listen to this mash-up i made instead.

bling city (gwen stefani vs alan braxe & fred falke)

and remember - yodelling will never be cool.

kelis feat. cee-lo - lil' star

while i'm in r&b mode, the new kelis single is going to be 'lil star' featuring cee-lo. i gave it a listen, not expecting much and it didnt give me much. or anything. it's shit. if i wanted to hear adult contemporary, easy listening bollocks like this, i'd join a christian youth group.
go get the linus loves mix. he tears the arse out of it and starts again with his 80's retro stylings. linus actually manages to temporarily mask the banal lyrics with rubbery synths and compliments the (superb) tonal quality of cee-lo's voice with a vocoder. so congratulations are in order for successfully polishing a right turd of a record. that's meant to be a compliment... get the remix over at palms out

Monday, November 20, 2006

the big day out 2007

ok now i'm pissed off. ken west & vivian lees (promoters), you have officially made my list.
tell me, what is the point of announcing half the lineup to a festival 3 MONTHS AFTER it has sold out? huh?
oh, i'm sorry - we can enter a 'ticket ballot' for left over tickets, hell we could also rummage through the garbage, hunting for scraps like the dogs we are.

don't give these opportunistic swine any more of your hard-earned money for the following reasons:

- over priced tickets
- no full lineup available before all the tix are sold out
- sweaty meatheads who will bash anyone who isn't one
- attention-seeking posers (yeah!, lets wear high heels to a rock concert..)
- no shade in 40 degree heat
- nightmarish public transport to and from the venue
- sound engineering by the work experience boy (is that an echo i hear?)

the festival itself seems to pride itself on being filled with borish louts so indifferent about the available entertainment that it ceases to be a music show, rather becoming an extended frat party.
quality acts like tool, peaches, justice, & diplo are totally lost on a crowd of bottom-feeding drunks & butt-licking posers. none of these people give a fuck about the music. there are enough rsl clubs and modular parties to accomodate you all. cunts.
this sounds like sour grapes, and it fucking well is. music festivals are shite, but they often also boast excellent lineups of bands, and this is why i'm torn...

rant over.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.3
only 4 this time, i'm tired and my brain hurts..

justin timberlake - my love (linus loves mix) not as good as his sexy/back remix but the vocals are in key this time, so small miracles... alot better than the other remixes of 'my love' too (see post below).

david bowie - life on mars from his 1972 album 'hunky dory'. absolute bliss.

blackstrobe - chemical sweet girl (alter-ego mix) menacing electro with new-wave vocals. cool stuttering beat too. check out alter-ego's 2004 album 'transphormer' - it's a bit of a gem.

daft punk - technologic (digitalism's highway to paris mix) taken from daft punk's (japan only) remix album 'human after all: the remixes', this one is a heap of fun. big sounds, buzzing bassline, cowbells.... a nice change from the minimalist onslaught we seem to be having atm..

*bonus: some nelly furtado acapellas (make me that house mix nick!)
nelly furtado - promiscuous (acapella)
nelly furtado - maneater (acapella)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.2

teenage badgirl - tales from the pigs
these guys are a current favourite of mine. somewhere between daft punk and sebastiAn, they create robotic funk with a very house-y vibe. lots of vocoders. [edit] the first 10 secs of this track remind me very much of the intro to 'how will i know' by whitney houston (ha haha!) [/edit] their track 'hands of a stranger' is apparently quite popular with all the big djs atm, and their remix of the scissor sisters' 'i don't feel like dancing' is absolutely spectacular. one to watch. teenage badgirl myspace

ciara - goodies (richard-x remix feat. m.i.a.)
richard-x produced a few of the tracks on m.i.a.'s album 'arular', and while he doesn't exactly push the envelope here, it's an enjoyable listen nonetheless.

annie - heartbeat (mstrkrft mix)
'heartbeat' was one of the best singles of last year imho. pure pop bliss. this is a french-house version which i like very much. i think i'm starting to come around on mstrkfrt. the royksopp mix is also fantastic. as is the alan braxe version.

drumattic twins - feelin' kinda strange (bass-kleph & nick thayer mix)
an oldie but a goodie, the first time i heard the original it blew my head off. the vocal is just awesome - very jackson 5-esque. this version is much chunkier and electronic but it retains the funk of the original. i'd like to hear a house mix of this, surely there's one out there.

mylo - paris 400 (etienne de crecy mix)
taken from the new freeform five mix cd 'bisous bisous' (which is fucking brilliant), this mix breathes new life into this old mylo tune in a big way. i NEED an unmixed copy of this. maybe there is a new remix 12" coming out since the sebastiAn mix of this came out not too long ago. etienne de crecy & superdiscount have made some quality remixes lately - get their mixes of 'lift me up' by moby, & 'an honest mistake' by the bravery.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i love elton john. i don't care how uncool that may be..
elton john - are you ready for love (4mb zshare)

this is the original (70s) version but there are various remixes of this song around by the following artists:
mylo - superb. think thomas bangalter-style filter-house
linus loves - cute, like most of his stuff. good tho.
peter rauhofer - hard new york electro. thumping
radioslave - umm.. sound like radioslave
freeform five - wicked. funky house mix comes in at 10 mins and never gets boring.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

phalanxx's phones no.1

some great music i'm listening to round the clock. support the artists and buy (ie. exchange money for in a shop) if you like what you hear.

mstrkrft - easy love
these guys are the current hype-monkeys of the dance world. they are the side project of one of the guys from (the now defunct) death from above 1979 (not to be confused with DFA/james murphy, who would have to be the most overrated/boring music in history - yet the people continue raving..). truth is, i never really felt them until i heard this little gem. very french-sounding vocoder dance pop - with glorious synths straight outta van-halen's jump. nice.
(from their album 'the looks')

para one - dudun dun (boys noize remix)
i thought the mstrkrft remix of this was a bit naff, but this is fantastic. he hasn't changed that much - made it more of an electro-grinder with a much longer build. works a treat. check out the boys noize remix of depeche mode's 'personal jesus' too - it's quite decent.
(original version on his 'epiphanie' LP)

justin timberlake - my love (album version)
i've heard the remixes (paul jackson= good, dfa = shit, steve angelo = meh..) but i keep coming back to this timbaland-produced masterpiece. simple, brilliant 80's synths and clicky vocal percussion + weird giggling noises. timbaland is apparently co-producing bjork's new record - let's just hope she doesn't try to rap (i'm looking in your direction madonna). see, commercial pop isn't all shite.
(from his 'future sexy/love sounds' LP)

midnight juggernauts - shadows
an australian group, midnight juggernauts make new-wave indie dance similar to that of the presets. this is a really great tune, highly recommended.
(from their 'secrets of the universe EP)

blackstrobe - shining bright star (phones industrial version radio edit)
a new direction for the french electro duo, this track is kind of like early nine inch nails or curve. really nice new-wave-ish vocals and pounding synths. apparently their new album is being recorded and produced by alan moulder so it could be one to watch. this is a remix by 'phones', a pseudonym of producer paul epsworth who did that awesome disco remix of 'banquet' by the bloc party.

Monday, November 06, 2006

alan braxe and fred falke - defender

these guys are shit-hot right now, suddenly becoming very-in-demand remixers for all manner of artists including goldfrapp, kelis, britney spears, jamiroquai, death from above 1979, royksopp, benjamin diamond, & many more. french house all the way, they are part of an untouchable collection of producers that includes thomas bangalter, benjamin diamond, cassius, & dj falcon (braxe's brother). their compilation album 'alan braxe and friends presents the uppercuts' shows off their hit-making ability to a high degree, giving us the classic 'music sounds better with you' (co-produced by bangalter and sung by diamond) and the mighty 'rubicon' which i consider one of the greatest things ever created.
anyway, mr. braxe and mr. falke have a new 12" out atm called 'defender', with the title track on the A side and 'bliss' on the B side. and it's a fucking stormer.

side A 'defender' - a guitar-driven french house monster. sure to make a rackett in a club near you soon.

side B 'bliss' - this one's different but much better imo. layed back, smooth 80's pop gem with lush synths, strings and flute samples. a little like 'crystal city' (the flipside to 'rubicon') but bigger. buy it from voices records

alan braxe & fred falke - bliss (zshare 8.2mb)

alan braxe & fred falke - crystal city (zshare 7mb) from the out of print 12" single 'rubicon'
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