Saturday, March 10, 2007

"how you like my shit? uffie's in this bitch!"

ed banger vol.2 is coming out on 16th march 07 (already out on mp3) and it's a bit of alright - much like the delightful uffie (see above)

people seem to be a bit divided on young uff, and i think it helps to have a sense of humour (not to mention irony) when listening to her.

this incendiary little number is supposedly a diss track directed at the hollertronics message board run by diplo, although her anger seems to be towards the people posting rather than the hollertronics crew themselves. usually, the whole concept of diss tracks is a little juvenile, and this is no exception, but the notion of two predominently geek-worshipped musicians having an online tiff is pretty funny - and a million miles away from the usual gangsta-rap moronics.

the track itself sounds like stuttered 80s breaker electro with a white chick rapping fairly loosely over the top. uffie may not be the greatest rapper but she has loads of attitude and hell-funny delivery.

uffie - dismissed

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and justice for all!
a demo of the new justice song has been leaked, and like they said in their recent interviews, it's very disco. sonically more like the simian remix than, say the daft punk one. dope like whitney houston.

justice - d.a.n.c.e. (demo)

oh, and i'm officially a peasant for missing the sebastiAn/kavinsky show last week...

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