Sunday, March 30, 2008

more kylie

i'm not sure if this is an official release. i cant find any info about it, but it exists, so here it is.

kylie minogue - boombox

1. Like A Drug [Extended Mix]
2. Boombox [La Riot Remix] HQ
3. Cherry Bomb
4. In My Arms Feat. Jolin Tsai

5. Speakerphone (Impossible King's Radio Edit)

6. King Or Queen [Impossible Kings re-edit]

7. Lose Control (Impossible King's My World Mix)

8. Rippin Up The Disco [Matty Boys Mix]

9. Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix)

10. The One [Voyager Mix]

11. Sensitized (DiscoBoy's Radio Edit)

12. In My Arms [Chris Lake Mix]

13. All I See (Impossible King's extended)

14. Nu-di-ty [Edi's Shuffle]

here (megaupload 94mb)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

especially for the biggest kylie fan-boy out there!

kylie is finally geting the picture - pick good artists to do your remixes and get some fucking mad tracks. simple eh?
best of the bunch:
kylie - boombox (revolte mix)
kylie - boombox (jbag mix)
kylie - wow (mstrkrft mix)
kylie - boombox (L.A. riots mix) (zshare)

bonus itunes tracks from 'x'
magnetic electric (zshare)
rippin' up the disco (zshare)
love is a drug (zshare)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

estelle in danger!

i'm really in two minds about this 'american boy' single by estelle & kanye west. sure, she has a great, unique voice, but the west-coast disco-lite backing track is like the soundtrack to a trip to borders or something. and some seriously lazy, wholesale sampling really doesnt push any buttons at my end. good thing then, that current parisian 'it' boy danger! has torn the arse out of it and started again. MUCH more interesting chords and his trademark '80s soundtrack' vibe really lifts it to much more listenable level. i even wish we could dispose of the vox completely (dub anyone?).

estelle feat. kanye west - american boy (danger! remix) (zshare)

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Monday, March 24, 2008

what's in a name?

years ago, i used to make mashups/bastard pop. these tunes usually involved placing the vocals of one song (say, britney spears) over the backing track of another (say, AC/DC), creating a genre-bending bit of fun. this could completely change the context of a song or vocal and i see it as way to re-appropriate popular music and culture.

this blog was named after my favourite example of bastard pop: safari love by loo and placido, a pair of french producers. this track took the concept to a new level, with many parts of different songs sampled, and the result is beautiful.
the samples used include:

the beatles - because
aretha franklin - who's zoomin' who? (acapella)
bob dylan - (i'm not sure of the track)
elton john - i want love
the pixies - where is my mind? (a re-sung element by one of the producers)
suzanne vega - tom's diner (acapella)

loo & placido - safari love (zshare)

some of my old mashups can be found here. some are good, some are just ok.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

this guy is absolutely off the freakin' hook! recently played at trashbags in sydney. i feel like a first class dork for missing it now. its like kavinsky/daft punk mixed with 1980s anime music. best thing i've heard in a while. you can get his first EP from itunes if you so desire.
danger! live @ trashbags sydney 9.2.08
gets the award for coolest art/design ever.

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i'm black y'all, i'm black y'all, i'm blackity-black and i'm black y'all

when music is this good, who needs 40's and blunts?

the whitest boy alive - golden cage (fred falke mix) (zshare)

this is just stunning. i have been listening to this all week with no sign of stopping soon. erlend oye on vocals (of royksopp's 'remind me' fame)

gonzales - working together (boys noize vocal mix)

not boys noize's best output, but gonzales' amusing rhyming and some nice chords do the trick.

dsl - invaders

the latest signing to ed banger records. rapping sounds pretty wicked in french. the words just flow really well.

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return of the wack

wow. its been a while since my last post. a thousand apologies.
ED REC VOL.3!!!!! , well the tshirts at least. i'm a bit pissed off actually. they make about 20 shirts and they sell out in half an hour - then we are expected to beg like dogs or go on ebay. some people are selling these things for $240! maybe just enjoying the music would suffice, rather than being a fashionista wank-job. i love trends.

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